CoinJabber in the Press

The Daily Decrypt 12/10/2015

Credits: The Daily Decrypt

Mint Expert Interview

"Expert Interview with Nima Mahdjour on the Ins and Outs of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency" read more...

Credits: Mint

Bitcoins and Gravy / Let's Talk Bitcoin @ March 2015 Texas Bitcoin Conference in Austin

Nima with CoinJabber interviewed at the 50:33 mark

Credits: Let's Talk Bitcoin and Bitcoins and Gravy

Freedom's Phoenix on LRM.FM March 2015

Credits: Freedom's Phoenix and LRM.FM

San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup January 2015

Nima of CoinJabber talks about Namecoin and - Credits: SF Bitcoin Meetup

Money and Tech

Credits: Money and Tech

Let's Talk Bitcoin / Bitcoins and Gravy

Credits: Let's Talk Bitcoin and Bitcoins and Gravy

Voice of Russia

" - basically Yelp for crypto-friendly businesses - now lists over 1,000 sites that accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies." read more ...

Credits: Voice of Russia