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Terms and Conditions.

Bonuses submissions:

Up to a maximum of 20 daily submissions (each user/ IP address).

Please submit only new*, fresh and interesting bonuses, that can be useful especially for you!
*Expired bonuses are not allowed.

We reserve the rights to suspend a member subscription in case of abuses or due to the low level of his/her submissions.

Duplicate bonuses are not allowed*.
* If users will submit the same bonus, only who placed first will receive the credits. To avoid duplicates, we suggest you to check in advance the published bonuses on the list @

We remind that our participants will get paid in Bitcoins as soon as their submission is posted*.
*You will receive an instant pending Bitcoin credit according to the market value written in the submit form. The pending amount will not be confirmed if the submission is not accepted (See paras. 2. / 3.) Otherwise, it will be converted to real credits.

If you reach 2000 submissions within 7 days, you will have to wait just few hours in order to start the next submissions session.
Forum posts:

Payable posts must be not less than 100 characters.

We will award exclusive, well written and meaningful posts ONLY!

The first hundred posts/ replies will be awarded with 0.1 mBTC each. From the 101st post/ reply the bounty will be raised to 0.2 mBTC each.

A post approval does not means that you will receive a BTC reward. (See para. 2.)

To see your post automatically approved, you must have already two approved posts, or four if they contains web links.

We reserve the rights to close your account in case of aggressive posts or spam.
General Terms:

All the bonus submissions and forum posts made through this site are subject to Casino-Bonus.Club acceptance, which is in our sole discretion. Without limitation.

We reserve the right to publish any approved submission and forum post over different domains.
Cash out rules:

The minimum balance to request a cash out is 0.02 BTC.

Casino-Bonus.Club has the right to approve or not any submission or any BTC related reward.

Be sure to have written the right BTC wallet address on your details, before requesting a cash-out. Casino-Bonus.Club is not responsible for any possible mistake related to your BTC wallet address.

Cash out requests are processed weekly.


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  • stizzyhd (420) - 2016-07-19 18:12:04

    On 2016-01-30 03:47:31
    Casino Bonus Club and it's sister sites are the easiest, fastest and most rewarding sites where ANYONE could earn free bitcoin. Personally I do not waste my time with faucets or the like, but that's just me. I've been paid in BTC for writing articles and performing similar tasks but not with any consistency. I recently signed up for & it's sister sites and am impressed with what they have to offer. I have been emailing back and forth with the admin/owner and have decided to contribute as much as possible in return for BTC. So far they have kept there word, paid on time and been an all around pleasure to work with.

    Please understand that you must have a decent knowledge and experience in order to contribute relevant, original material in order for them to pay BTC. I personally have been gaming online for over 7 years, 2+ of which exclusively using bitcoin. I actually was going to start my own site, but instead am going to contribute all the information to this site instead.

    If you are a casual player and don't have the time or experience to contribute posts and replies on the forum you could still earn BTC with ease. Anyone could earn bitcoin by simply submitting bonuses every casino emails to you. Better yet, submitting bonuses at will earn you even more bitcoin then here!

    Take it from me, I've tried every "free bitcoin" site there is over the past 2 years. So far this is the first site that is honest, fair and worth the time. If at any time things change, I'll be the first to let you guys know!

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