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Future Container
  • (10) - 2015-12-30 07:22:06

    BTCrow is an inept selective scam escrow service who will steal your bitcoins. Their company is being investigated by the FBI as the owner attempts to sell the site at auction in 2016. Be warned & do not buy!!!

  • Clashriot (10) - 2015-10-16 12:22:31

    I very much don't like operation of SOPPORT
    They report: " Complete the form below to get in contact with us. We typically respond very quickly within business hours (9am-5pm)"
    But actually on three addresses to them with a request urgently to help me I didn't receive any response !!!
    Because of similar operation of SUPPORT I consider that it not reliable Escrow service as they don't keep the promises and in case of any deception they won't be able to help neither the seller, nor the buyer.
    Therefore I don't advise in case of the inference of transactions to use as the guarantor of

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