Protocol tokens aren’t just a medium of exchange, they back next-generation technologies that have real value. CoinList is a United States based funding platform that connects investors to these promising early-stage tokens via SAFT sales.

We’re working with top legal experts to create the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT), an instrument and framework for token sales. The SAFT is inspired by the YC SAFE. Token creators and investors can avoid wasting time creating and reviewing one-off legal agreements by using the SAFT standard. You can focus on what matters: building valuable technology. The SAFT will be completely open-source and available for all to use.

CoinList is created by Protocol Labs in partnership with AngelList, a leader in early stage startup fundraising. We’re revolutionizing and simplifying SAFT sales, enabling the next generation of distributed networks to flourish.


Location: United States

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Future Container
  • raven (10645) - 2018-03-14 12:28:29

    As an accredited investor i've used CoinList to invest in FileCoin, BlockStack and PROPS. I can verify the platform works and provides a complete "end to end" compliance solution for ICO's. Highly recommended.

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