Cointellect provides hash rental services along with 24/7 support and pay-outs. The pool works by aggregating the hashing power of all the contributing miners. The hashing power is then directed towards cryptocurrency mining.

Miners receive a payout proportionate to their contribution. CoIntellect's advanced software works by harnessing the computational capacity of your graphics processing unit (GPU) and computer processing unit (CPU) for the purposes of hashing.

Computers with more efficient equipment will be able to provide more hashing power. Greater hashing power yields greater earnings.a Accounts are updated on an hourly basis. Earnings statistics can be found in the user dashboard.

Affiliate commissions are released every 14 days. Earnings can be withdrawn via the user dashboard and can be paid out via PayPal or your cryptocurrency of choice.


Location: Sonera Corporative OU, Narva mnt 13 , Tallinn, 10151, Estonia


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User Reviews for Cointellect

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  • Rishi556 (2355) - 2016-01-22 12:43:12

    USED TO WORK. NOT ANYMORE. Was great, i had used it to get over 2 dollars worth of doge. Then I reffered people and got over 50 bucks worth of it. They didn't let me withdraw. Now it doesn't even open.

  • abolyc (20) - 2015-11-15 08:21:12

    After some period of time they have stopped paying. I guess they are not even close to cloud mining and just scamming people. Scam!!!

  • grapnor (20) - 2015-03-06 17:47:52

    This website was amazing back in August all the way up until February, I've made over 200 dollars from it but then they stopped paying out and their HYIP collapsed. Now they wont pay you unless you buy one of their contracts and the lowers contract is 100 euros. STAY FAR AWAY!

  • prithvihegde (10) - 2015-02-13 00:42:01

    Well it was the best mining company a month ago ! I myself have mined 500000000+ dogecoin !

    But now it has dropped a bit! Fees becoming high! But I suggest tobyry it!

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