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EarnFreeBitcoins.com is a website that lets you earn small amounts of Bitcoin in exchange for visiting websites for a designated period of time. You may be required to spend anywhere between one to five minutes or more on the sponsored website.

As a business owner you an advertise your site on here to drive traffic from people eager to earn Bitcoin.


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User Reviews for Earn Free Bitcoins

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  • muckyduck (110) - 2016-06-12 04:16:57

    A great idea for both advertising and also consumers that are looking for bitcoins and also for business owners to promote business.

  • marioumarios400 (390) - 2015-07-19 06:25:03

    I did not get payout but i use it for some time now when i get payout i change my stars to 5 . you don't get much but its good.

  • gamesgobble (110) - 2014-07-06 05:44:28

    Well, it's never short of sites for you to visit but the withdrawal minimum is quite high considering the low payment for visiting sites.

  • s9748290672 (1460) - 2014-04-26 21:09:11

    this site is legit and useful one. this is much like bitvisitor.i visit this
    site more than one time.here minimum payout is 55uBTC which is very
    low and it also take long time to reach to minimum payout limit.

  • GaminRebell (4450) - 2013-12-04 18:59:25

    I have been using this site. The payouts are quite low, and the payment treshold is a bit high 5500 btc. but the time that requires to visit the ad is low too, I won't brag but i have been doing this quantity 0.0004321917 (earn free bitcoins record the status) for at least 1 week now.

  • EZpwnage (380) - 2013-11-27 18:14:52

    EarnFreeBitcoins is flawed. The earnings are way to small and the minimum cashout is low compared to other PTC sites but will take you a large amount of time due to the fact that you earn very, very slowly.

  • dalawliet (40) - 2013-11-08 22:33:39

    Pay Dust and High Min. Payout. Not Recommended

  • darkaxis05 (2210) - 2013-11-02 08:08:10

    Will be bad for startes earning is quite low for a couple of mins

  • Minifrij (1080) - 2013-10-29 03:47:56

    I have earned a bit of coin through this website, but not very much. It can be a bit slow and doesn't payout very much. Still a pretty good site.

  • matounet75 (3760) - 2013-10-28 17:06:05

    Doesn't pay much and very slow...

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