Mycelium is an international group that works on providing several Bitcoin related services, including a decentralized exchange, a high entropy paper wallet generator, and more.


Location: Ungarstrasse 6, Vienna, 1030, Austria

Phone: +43 (0) 1 89 06 348


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  • rafizadeh.ahmad (60) - 2019-02-10 07:23:09

    "A wallet with high-speed connectivity to the Bitcoin network"
    Buy and Sell Bitcoin with other users of this wallet from within the app.

    Support and import different types of paper wallets.

    Connect directly to hardware wallets, such as TREZOR, Ledger (with a USB OTG interface) and transaction with them without the need for a computer.
    This secure mobile wallet only supports Bitcoin and has a modest interface that only enables professional users to use this wallet well.
    it is suggested: Use Jaxx's wallet experiences to publish other versions, such as the desktop version, the web version, and the Firefox and Chrome add-ons, using their ability to sync, which encourages users to save more bitcoins in this wallet.

  • StrictlyBusiness (10) - 2017-12-02 20:45:49

    I absolutely ADORE Mycelium! I was kind of upset that an exchange I was on (not going to mention names) forced me to scan a QR code to deposit my funds onto the exchange, so I had no option but to get a mobile wallet. I am very grateful I chose Mycelium after reading the horror stories from other mobile wallets. It is super easy to use, lightweight, has options through 3rd party sources to buy/sell, and even works with my hardware wallet (that part I haven't tried yet). Will be continuing to use this wallet for the rest of 2017 into 2018 for sure!

  • ahmadmanga (3805) - 2016-04-13 02:10:55

    mycelium is my main mobile wallet, I choose it after trying few mobile wallets and it was the best for my wants, lightweight and powerful. I like how you can get information to send coins from QR code.

  • DaReaper (1290) - 2015-03-05 23:33:21

    Solid bitcoin wallet for android, it makes it so easy to send and receive bitcoin payments. With the Mycelium local trader, it is now possible to locate nearby bitcoin accepting merchants.

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