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To add this site to rotation in the "Featured Site" section over to the right, send bitcoins to the address below. We will deduct 0.2 mBTC (0.00020000 BTC) per click through to the site from the featured listing. As long as there's a balance remaining the page will remain in rotation.

ATTENTION! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY click throughs will not affect your balance. Just fund the address with a small amount and the site will go into rotation immediatelty and stay in there until December 15th 2013 without any deductions to your balance no matter how many clicks your featured listing receives!


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To enhance this listing's reputation send some bitcoins to the burn address below. The burn address is generated by taking the string "1CJ", adding up to 20 alphanumeric characters from the domain name, and the first 5 characters of the full domain name's MD5hash (excluding "www"). Illegal characters are converted and the last 6 characters are generated based on Bitcoin requirments to make it a valid address.

The Burn Factor is the percentage of all participating listings that have fewer than or equal the amount of burned coins as this listing. It is recalculated approximately every 30 minutes and accounts for 10% of the listing's overall star rating. (Please note that a minimum of two user reviews are required for a star rating to show.)


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The top number of burned coins is currently 10020959 Satoshis. It would take 10020959 Satoshis to boost this listing to 100%. But any amount below that would help too.

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