Buy Bitcoin with Cash

Robocoin makes it easy to buy Bitcoin wherever there's a machine. Simply type or scan your address, insert cash, and receive your Bitcoin instantly!

Sell Bitcoin for Cash

Want to turn your Bitcoin into cash? After the Bitcoin network has confirmed the transaction you sent to Robocoin, just scan the receipt and withdraw your cash!

Robocoin for Owners

The smartest way to invest in Bitcoin. Robocoin is a software company dedicated to providing owners the best way to invest in Bitcoin. Earn a percentage on each buy and sell transaction. Attract Bitcoin’s loyal user-base, while also offering unprecedented access and ease-of-adoption to Bitcoin newcomers. Increase Bitcoin liquidity and usage, while increasing the digital currency’s valuation, awareness, and legitimacy.

Robocoin Technical Specifications

The Bitcoin ATM for Serious Business Robocoin ATMs come fully equipped with bank-grade security and biometric hardware for Federal compliance, ready to transact the highest volume of Buys and Sells.

Pre-Orders Ready for Fall 2013

Bitcoin’s First Real ATM is here and accepting pre-orders. Robocoin lets you buy and sell Bitcoins from a freestanding kiosk that integrates beautiful software, bank grade hardware and security, and 100% Federal compliance capabilities.


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User Reviews for Robocoin

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  • markson (1005) - 2016-04-26 12:56:54

    It`s a nice concept but the website is down so there`s no way of buying it anymore, which is really bad as it was a good product.

  • jabberdog (21670) - 2014-11-01 08:28:38

    The site is down so it looks like if you're looking for robocoins this is the wrong place to be looking for robocoin ATMs for :(((

  • Vortex20000 (510) - 2014-08-19 06:55:40

    EXPENSIVE. $20 grand per unit is overpriced, a lot. Try Lamassu! Cheaper with the same quality. I think if I were a buyer I would get Lamassu not this.

  • dogecoinshop (10) - 2014-07-16 17:00:07

    Easy to use by coins instant buying once you sign up @machine 5 minutes . sell coins in about 9 minutes average .Awesome easy and everyone needs one in their neighborhood

  • skorek (490) - 2014-04-16 06:41:21

    Good for business, but not accessible for average person to buy and install. Fully centralized with existing fiat money system, you can hate them but we need then in the time of transformation of fiat money into crypto.

  • deathlord1 (580) - 2014-01-02 09:41:04

    This actually looks like a professional website! Amazing CSS and HTML elements. Highly recommended!

  • GaminRebell (4450) - 2013-12-02 18:45:55

    I really hope this ATm machines will be successful. I truly want to use one and buy bitcoins, or deposit my cash in BTC.

  • mtech (550) - 2013-11-29 04:23:28

    That is just great! Being able to get cash from an ATM in every supermarket (if they purchase the Robocoin). Spread the news, I love it!

  • zulu860 (430) - 2013-11-17 23:13:07

    Signed up to be a potential vendor lets see whats happens great site very informative

  • AneXA (1370) - 2013-11-10 08:14:57

    I can't wait for this moment to come , to be able to buy bitcoins from an atm, it seems incredible.

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