HardBTC Ltd. is dedicated to customer service and retailing Casascius Physical Bitcoins.

All our products are direct from the manufacturer Casascius, USA. (www.Casascius.com). (Except Keiser Ethical Silver rounds).

UK & USA dispatch.

UK and rest of the world, dispatched from the UK.

All orders (subject to stock availability) from the United States of America will be shipped from our agent in the United States.
Free express delivery to all zones covered by Royal Mail & USPS Airmail services.

Unfortunately we are an Online only business and cannot accept personal callers at present.


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  • deathlord1 (580) - 2014-01-02 09:44:44

    WOW, an real physical Bitcoin. A very innovative idea. Keep it up!

  • GaminRebell (4450) - 2013-12-02 09:52:09

    A website where you can buy a physical coin and it holds the same value and ammount tthat the current BTC, or even more.

  • nimanator (9950) - 2013-11-01 12:02:47

    I love the Casascius physical coins, some of them have actually increased IMMENSELY in value due to their popularity and scarcity.

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