Bitwage is a payroll company that will convert your direct deposit into Bitcoin and send directly to your wallet.


Location: 440 N Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale, California, 94085, United States


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  • ahmadmanga (3805) - 2016-04-21 02:17:18

    while I haven't used this site since I'm from Libya, a friend of mine takes part of his income via Bitwage and he recommends it.

  • mattjhagen (45) - 2015-04-23 23:35:16

    I first ran across this company from a new article about someone receiving part of their paycheck in BTC. I was intrigued by this and did a little research. I ran across this little company “Bitwage”.
    Bitwage will take all or part of your paycheck – purchase bitcoin – and send that BTC to the wallet of your choice. The sign up was relatively simple. All it consisted of was your email and to create a new password. From there you would fill in your employers information (address, phone number, company name, company website). After you have completed this you would choose to get BTC or fiat If you choose fiat the money will be loaded onto your Xapo wallet and you could request a debit card that you can use anywhere. If you chose BTC they would convert your fiat to BTC and send it straight out to your wallet.
    Bitwage will provide you with a ACH form you bring to your employer and you can designate as much of your paycheck as you would like to go straight to Bitwage and the rest of your check to get sent to the bank of your choice. Sense Bitwage is new they are offering their services commission free for the time being.
    My experience went very smooth. I brought the forms to my employer and told them I want %5 sent to this account. The payroll department didn’t have to even know what BTC is in order to implement it. Once the funds are sent to Bitwage via direct deposit they are then exchanged for BTC (they advertise they will give you the best price from when your deposit was made until its sent to your wallet.
    Bitwage does take an extra day processing your BTC so for instance if you get payed on a Wednesday you probably wont receive your BTC deposit until Thursday. There support team is very helpful and attentive to concerns of their clients.

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