Bitcoin investment site where you buy cloud hashing power to mine bitcoins in order to earn interest on your investment.

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  • Rishi556 (2355) - 2014-08-28 16:20:41

    nope not good at all. Scam. It has closed down and so it is a fake. Dont use it. I repeat dont use it.

  • skorek (490) - 2014-04-16 06:26:22

    This is a big scam, i guess they website will be gone in few days. Be carefull there and act on your own risk. You have been told. I don't advise it.

  • ozycash (50) - 2014-03-19 01:59:00

    the information they give is vague at best and contradictory at worst.
    this site seems made for the site owners to make as much money as possible in the shortest possible time.
    they even tell you that they can cancel your account for no reason and keep your money.
    the more i read the more it sounded like a get rich quick scam for the site onwers

  • robelneo (235) - 2014-03-08 04:12:28

    so this is a middleman for mining bitcoin I would rather invest directly on mining site than depositing my bitcoin here but they are honest to admit that they don't have the resources to mine bitcoin

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