Cryptofolio lets you add up your different holdings of different cryptocurrencies and adds them all up in a currency of your choice, for example US$.

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  • AneXA (1370) - 2014-02-03 12:22:35

    Awesome website , with this i can track and point all my crypto currency without a problem. Everyone that is in crypto world should bookmark this and try it at least once.

  • jabberdog (21670) - 2013-12-27 01:47:55

    Very cool site. I track my total crypto net worth on there. The new site has more features than the old one, but I preferred the old skin actually.

  • darkaxis05 (2210) - 2013-11-16 03:18:49

    A very well used tool also recommend if you have many cryptocurrency like me you can gather them all in one site

  • SevenFlowers (10) - 2013-11-02 15:20:53

    A nifty tool for determining your overall value in crypto, especially if you're spread across multiple exchanges.

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