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  • sense_less143 (10) - 2016-03-01 17:41:16

    I like using my card. Fees are high tbh service is good so far so I think its worth it. Helps me to access my money anywhere, while I travel. I'm a digital nomad so it's very cool to not mess with international wire transfer and dealing with local banks.

  • jvnr (10) - 2016-02-19 08:07:28

    This card allowed me to spend my salary, which is paid in Brazil, while I was in vacation in the US.
    Got the money in my Brazilian bank account, bought bitcoins, loaded E-Coin card and 30 min later I was taking the cash from an ATM.
    Will be very helpful on my next trip, as I'll visit UK and Euro zone countries, spend GBP and EUR with the same bitcoins

  • Snowcrow (20) - 2016-02-09 13:51:25

    I have been living off of my E-Coin cards the last months. I am pretty much a nomad and I have 3 cards a USD, EURO and GBP. I do some freelance writing about technology and freedom and I just load my cards and hit the road. So far only some minor problems, but overall they work everywhere. Fee's are as good as you can find. Customer service is good, but sometime a little robotic like most customer service. If you have bitcoin get an E-Coin card.

  • wcfeader (20) - 2016-01-27 14:27:45

    E-coin - not what it is being sold as

    I think e-coin and Wirex, their e-fund provider are bullshitting a lot of people. Yes, they were one of the first to market with a plastic card that allows you to ‘convert’, not spend bitcoin directly, but they are having more than a few problems.

    First off, I am suspect of their two factor security that uses Google Authenticator. It doesn’t work with Firefox. If you enter a perfectly valid 6-digit code more often than not you get a reply that the code is invalid. I brought this matter up in a trouble ticket several days ago but they have not fixed it yet.

    Next, they claim to have ‘no fees’, but that is not true at all. They charge a minimum of 3.5% when you debit in a currency other than the card currency and they regularly undervalue bitcoins by at least 3.0% so you get less than you are entitled to. Perhaps it is Wirex that is grabbing the loot, but whoever it is, they need to be up-front about it. Lying never works. For instance, here are the different “rates” that e-coin is publishing today:

    - Their ‘come on rate” displayed on their web page prior to sign in was $ 394.00 US per bitcoin
    - Their actual trading rate once logged in was $ 384.00 US per bitcoin
    - A real live trading rate from a reliable bitcoin exchange was $ 397.00 US to sell.
    So if you take the difference between the high and low as a percentage, it works out to a difference of 3.275% and to me, that is a FEE!

    Next, I am travelling right now in South America, so I tried their so called ‘credit card’ like debit card at an ATM and of course it didn’t work. So there is no way to get cash from the card when they explicitly market the cards as being equivalent to MasterCards in ‘every way’.

    Finally, they claim to have a top-notch trouble response team, however, when I submitted a ticket describing a US $ 46.00 dollar discrepancy between my card balance (from their software) and what they claimed I had on my card (via an email that was sent confirming my loading transaction) all I got was dead silence. It appears that they either have no clue what the problem is or they are trying to hide.

    In any case, none of these issues bode well for them. This is exactly the type of problem when CEO’s and Sales Executives rush to market so they can get rich quick, before somebody else takes them out. The result of their stupidity is that customers end up being beta-test guinea pigs and most of them (including myself) will leave the product as soon as the money is spent. You simply never, ever, ever go live unless you are pretty damn sure that everything works, and in the case of e-coin, it most certainly doesn’t work.

  • WildCrazyBird (10) - 2015-02-27 03:44:16

    I have ordered the bitcoin card from E-coin on their website e-coin. I in January 2015
    They announced that card will be shipped immediately after ordering and it should take about a week to get it. So after 8 days I've got my card, the design is different, but for me it doesn't matter. I tried to transfer some small sum to test how it works. As I saw the instructions on the web site I did all things step-by-step, login, currency choice (but, really it is no choice as I understand today service is transferring bitcoins only into USD) and activated my card. It wasn't so hard so all process took about 10 minutes. My first bitcoins were transferred into my card and it took about a half an hour, that is really great! After transferring I've got a confirmation email about it what is also nice. So I continued to transfer some more bitcoins to my card and tried to pay with it online. The next time it took a little more time, but at least was successful. Hope the service will continue to improve their time of transferring and add more types of currency like Euro.

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