Hashnet is the simplest decentralised Bitcoin cloud mining platform. The peer-to-peer marketplace for mining power makes Bitcoin mining decentralised and efficient, since we let the public control the price. Hashnet takes care of mining contracts, fees, maintenance, and constantly upgrades its hardware.

Upon the purchase of mining power our miners instantly start mining for you. In every hour you will receive mining rewards. Bitcoin volatility and constant difficulty increase makes Bitcoin mining a volatile business as well; however, based on our tests customers are estimated to recoup their initial investment within 145-165 days of purchase. Such rate translates to a 23%-34% APR.

On top of that, customers can liquidate their mining power any time on the marketplace, allowing them to capitalise on and profit from market trends as well.Hashnet Share is a security that customers can buy/sell/trade on the marketplace starting August 2015. Every share will represent a portion of 20% of the income earned by Hashnet through trading fees.

This way Hashnet Shares will offer a secure long term investment opportunity. The major difference between shares and mining power is that shares will have a constantly appreciating value due to the opening of new trading pairs, the growth in customer base, and volume in the future.


Location: West Midlands, Birmingham, B4, United Kingdom


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  • umarshah (530) - 2016-05-09 00:24:36

    Hashnet provide you the minimum amount to buy mining power and profits much than you invest. Easy interface

  • preetkam (10) - 2015-07-03 03:32:03

    Good service, awesome support & hassle free mining. If you are a serious miner this is the thing for you.

  • Hashnet (35) - 2015-07-02 02:04:17

    Hashnet Mining provides such a simple and user friendly service. Registration and the purchase of mining power took only seconds, and after that I was receiving my constant payout. It was that simple. Also, I really like their Auto-INvest feature that allows their system to automatically reinvest your mined income on the market place, thus accumulating more mining power without doing anything. There support was quick and friendly as well. I highly recommend Hashnet for every bitcoin mining enthusiast or someone who just want to invest in bitcoin and accumulate some extra profit.

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