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  • thangapandi (10) - 2015-07-27 02:23:47

    Hi to all,

    I have make withdrawal amount of INR 31550 and INR 93300, These both amount withdrawal was not yet confirmed, Please check it and when it will arrive to my account?

    2015-07-03 - 31,550.00 INR

    2015-07-09 - 93,300.00 INR

    This above withdrawal was requested 20 days ago.

    I have contacted support team, they were respond after 15 days of my support request, and then they said, "i will investigate and get back to you".

    still now i didnt get my payment. I dont know what to do, i was searched their numbers, I cant find any number to contact them

    Really i dont know what to do.

  • huntinghawk (10) - 2015-06-15 03:40:57

    My Bitcoins have been stuck for more than a week now. This is getting beyond ridiculous now. No idea why they let us 'buy' bitcoins when they do not have the ability to send them.

  • i670684 (10) - 2015-06-12 13:39:49

    Extensive delays to withdraw my BTC. Horrible lack of communication about their "system upgrade." Do NOT use this exchange for any reason.

  • desmond19 (10) - 2015-06-01 21:15:40

    Beware of fraud! I am currently seeking leagal advise against this mob....they claim withdrawals are experiencing some delays due to system upgrades however this has been going on for a month, you can put money/Bitcoin in but you can't take it out.

  • DaBeagle (10) - 2014-12-17 04:55:50

    The most unprofessional pack of Cowboys. 40+ offices worldwide my butt. They appear to only have one staff member doing all the emails, That's why it takes days to get a half arsed attempt at answering a question you didn't even ask.
    They have lost my funds, accidently cancelled my important transfers, will stall, not answer or generally take too long to do anything. I was told its quite normal for a bank transfer to take 10-20 days??? And when I made complaints things got worse. They deleted inflammatory texts from there only and only staff member (Julie, but she goes by a few different names) But don't worry I still have copies. I have been told that many lies it would make a conman blush. The last $3,000 transfer I made to them got lost because they decided to change banking details, without telling their customers. So they don't know where the money is they say, oh well you should have checked. What kind of a business does this? By the way the bank I transferred the money from has clarified that they still have it and the funds are their possession.

    Will get written confirmation tomorrow and start legal action against these pack of stealing swine's.


    And no I'm not a competitor, But I am sure every positive thing I hear is from someone being paid (or Julie pretending to be some one else Again)..

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